Qiu Zhengde

I’m a IT Master student at Bordeaux University.

General Info

  • Date of BirthDec 30, 1995
  • Address5 Av. de la garonne, Floirac 33270, France
  • E-mailzhengdeqiu@gmail.com/li>
  • Phone +33 6 15 80 36 93


  • 2020

    Master's Degree in Computer Science <+info>

    University of Bordeaux.

    Computer Graphics and Sound Processing Major

  • 2018

    Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science <+info>

    University of Bordeaux.


  • Proficient programming in C/C++, Python, Java and HTML.
  • Had some experience developping in Matlab, x86 assembly and Ocaml.
  • IA related works mainly with Python (Keras and Tensorflow).
  • Extensive practice with OpenGL for computer graphics related projects.
  • Insights of augmented reality using google ARCore combined with Android Studio.
  • Others: basic office desktop softwares.


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University project made by four students (including myself). The idea was to develop an interactive program that uses Voronoï diagrams to procedurally generate planets. It was developed in C++ using OpenGL.
Use of shadow volume technique to calculate the shadows of a mesh illuminated by a point source. The principle of this method is to compute, regardless of the point of view, the boundary between the lighten and shadow regions of the space (visible or invisible from the light source). In a second step, depending on the view, the idea is to count the number of inputs and outputs in these volumes of shadows. (C++/OpenGL M2 Advanced Image Synthesis course)
The first objective was to visualize spheres and planes by ray tracing technique. Then, applying local lighting for directional light and point light sources using the BRDF model to the scene. (C++/OpenGL M1 3D World course)
The aim was to reproduce the perception of depth, from the projection of the 3D environment in two dimensions, to facilitate the manipulation of 3D objects and navigation and to test the resutls via a smartphone and GoogleCardboard. (Javascripts/Three.js M2 Virtual Reality course)
Implementation of a method for finite elements for the resolution of the Laplace equation on a triangular mesh. This basic mesh will allow us to apply the poly-harmonic reconstruction. (C++/Eigen M2 Advanced Image Synthesis course)
Color transfer implementation based on the correlation between the different color channels values. It uses a simple statistical analysis to impose one image's color characteristics on another (C++ Algorithm based on the research paper <Color Transfer between Images> by Erik Reinhard, Michael Ashikhmin, Bruce Gooch, and Peter Shirley University of Utah in 2001)

Other experiences

Student exchange (Canada, 2016-2017)

I spent my third year of Bachelor in Montreal University (Canada). It was at that time that I started to have a liking for computer graphics. As their education system allowed students to choose their subjects I took "3d World" and "Infographics" amongs others.

Volunteering at Yinhu Middle School (China, 2017)

Taught western culture to middle school kids at Fuyang for two weeks.

Volunteering at Hangzhou normal University (China, 2017)

Exchanged culture and activities with other chinese University students in order to broaden their horizons mostly about the different education systems.

Lzone Cafe Volunteering in Busan (South Korea, 2018)

Our goal was to provide a friendly and open-minded environment where local students and residents can practice English conversation, cultural and foreign language exchanges, have fun, and make friends through conversation, games, and events at the café.